Elective courses are offered in grades 5 through 8 to enhance and extend the classroom curriculum. Requirements and selection for these courses will be posted during the first two weeks of school with priority going to the older grades. Courses will either be offered in the duration of a year (Monday/Wednesday classes) or a trimester (Tuesday/Friday classes). The elective courses will be graded and included in the GPA calculation.

Current electives include: Advanced Band, Speech/Debate, Visual Arts, Current Events/Journalism, Handbells, and Lego Robotics.

Physical Education

The physical education (P.E.) program is designed to develop physical health, fitness, and character in students. Students in kindergarten through eighth grade participate in two 45 minute classes each week. Classes cover a wide variety of physical skills, basic sports games and rules, and fitness activities including fun and games. They are taught the importance of keeping the body fit and making healthy choices. In the spring, students participate in the Presidential Fitness Program.

Students in grades 5-8 change into the school P.E. uniform for participation. Black sweats and Peace sweatshirts may be worn on cold days. P.E. uniforms are not worn as regular dress to school.

STEM Program

Peace Lutheran School is a participant of the Olympic STEM Pathways Partnership. This program trains our teachers to intensify student achievement in math and science including technology and engineering through imagination, inspiration and innovation. Students in grades 5 through 8 will have weekly courses to strengthen skills in Next Generation Science Standards and focus on a variety of real-life experiences.


Peace Lutheran School offers Spanish class to students in kindergarten through grade 6 once a week on Fridays and twice a week for grades 7 and 8. Students are introduced to the basics of Spanish as a second language in the lower grades and build on this knowledge for more comprehensive learning in the middle school. They learn through active involvement by singing songs, learning poems and playing games.

Art & Music


Students in grades kindergarten through grade 8 participate in art class once a week. They study renowned artists, acquire drawing and painting techniques, and develop art appreciation. Families can learn about famous artists and their style by participating in Family Art Night in November. Students also join in an All School Art Day in May to connect in a school community art project.


Students in grades 5 through 8 participate in a weekly drama class. They perform plays and musicals and investigate all aspects of drama performance including set construction and costumes. All drama students participate in the LEST drama competition.


Peace Lutheran School offers a yearbook course to students in grades 6 through 8. In this course, students develop computer skills, study graphic design and practice photography techniques as they create the pages for the school yearbook. All students will receive a school yearbook the last week of school.


All classrooms have a specified music class for students to develop music appreciation and theory. They learn through a variety of traditional and praise songs. Participation in choir encourages students to glorify God by using their voices to sing songs of praise.

Students in grades 5 through 8 participate in an ensemble choir. This choir performs in church services, at Lutheran Elementary Schools Tournament (LEST), and nursing homes when invited. They also participate in two concerts on campus in December and at the end of the year.


Students in grades 4 through 8 have the option of participating in our school band program. Beginning Band has two class sessions each week for students in grade 4. Students in grades 5 through 8 can join Advanced Band which meets during elective class on Mondays and Wednesdays. This program requires students to provide their own instrument and maintain a practice routine outside of school for optimal learning. Concerts for band players will be held in December and at the end of the year.