Peace is committed to continuously integrating technology into your student’s learning. Classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards, laptops and iPads. A computer lab is available when all students need a device. Online resources are accessible for all subjects on campus and at home. Student progress monitoring is assessed three times a year in digital format.

Students have access to Accelerated Reader to build vocabulary and reading comprehension. STAR Reading and STAR Early Literacy is administered three times a year to regulate student progress.

The 7th and 8th grade students are issued laptops for one-to-one device learning. Each laptop runs Windows 8 and has access to Office 365 with all Office products needed for assignments along with cloud-based storage for documents.

Help Desk Cavalry is our technology support provider. They provide the devices, maintain the systems with needed updates and insure the products. They maintain the hardware and software and safeguard computer use on campus with a high quality secure filtering system. Teachers monitor computer use and instruct appropriate behavior and skills to discriminate among valid and true online information sources. Students are taught good judgment and safe digital practices.

The computer curriculum is guided by the National Educational Technology Standards developed by the International Society for Technology in Education:

  • Computer use – log in, log out, opening and closing files/sites, etc.
  • Digital Citizenship – appropriate electronic use, digital safety, educational purposes
  • Keyboarding – typing, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Computer Operations – utilizing software applications, saving files to student drive, etc.