Mrs. Juszczak’s Weekly Update

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WEEKLY UPDATE for January 15-19, 2018


News and Notes

 This week we are working on a writing project for possible submission to LEST.  We are allowed to submit one piece of writing from each grade level.  I am encouraging all of the students to write something, and then the middle school teachers will decide which pieces will be submitted.  Students were given a copy of the writing guidelines today.

There will not be a spelling list this week or a grammar unit.  We will be focusing our energy on this writing piece.  (We will begin each class period with a grammar/editing piece which will be done in class.)


In both 5th and 6th grade grammar/spelling/writing our typical week will look like this:

Monday (or first day of the week if Monday is a holiday) – Spelling list introduced, grammar concept introduced, journal entry – SPELLING TEST WILL BE FRIDAY..

Tuesday – spelling practice sheet, further instruction/practice on the grammar concept, writing topic for the week introduced

Wednesday – (fifth grade only) spelling practice sheet, grammar practice, work on the week’s writing task

Thursday – practice spelling in class, grammar practice, complete rough draft of writing

Friday – Final draft of writing due, spelling test, grammar quiz


When we have a short week, or a particularly complex grammar topic, then this may change up a little bit.  FLEXIBILITY is the key word.  I put assignments on the assignment board each day which the students should then be copying into their planners.



Have a great week!

Mrs. Juszczak