Fifth Curriculum

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Biblical Studies
Instruction consists of Old and New Testament lessons, as well as catechism instruction with a specific study of Baptism and Holy Communion. Students memorize up to three Bible verses each week and parts of the catechism.

Language Arts
Reading and writing skills are continually being developed through the use of novels, grammar texts, and spelling instruction. Students are exposed to various forms of literature, as well as, a number of forms of written expression (i.e. poetry, historical fiction, fantasy, essay, and research papers).

Students are beginning to work toward higher-level problem-solving skills. We continue to work on mastery of basic math facts and learn to work with fractions and decimals using all four operations, basic geometry, pre-algebra, ratio and percent, and problem solving.

Fifth graders learn about living things:  plants, animals, and humans. They are also introduced to the basic elements of chemistry (atoms, molecules, elements, and compounds), the basic elements of physics (motion, heat, and energy  transfer), astronomy, and the earth’s surface.

Social Studies
Social Studies encompasses parts of United States History, Ancient History, World History, and Geography. We learn about various historical events in a chronological time frame.  We also work with maps and globes to achieve a spatial sense of our world.

This program allows for options:  vocal choir, hand bell choir, guitar, band, or classroom music. Each option covers basic instruction in the fundamentals of music and reading music.

Art lessons help students to develop an understanding and appreciation of visual art, reinforcing and expanding their knowledge of the components of art history, aesthetics, criticism, and art production. Courses include drawing, landscapes, paper sculpture, class sculpture, bark painting, still life drawing, graphic lettering, shading, textile rug braiding, paper mache, image enlargement and reproduction.

Physical Education
This program moves away from emphasis on movement and motor skills, and moves toward applying multiple sequencing of movement and manipulative patterns to games, sports, and physical fitness activities. Social and coping skills are important as they take part in game/team-oriented play.

Foreign Language
We provide Spanish instruction wherein students are encouraged to speak, listen, write and read in Spanish. Students learn formal sentence structure, Latin American geography, culture, and history.

Study Skills
Students are encouraged to keep a written record of all assignments, and they are taught note-taking skills, outlining, and various ways to organize information. Students are responsible for keeping track of homework assignments and turning them in on time.