Kindergarten Curriculum

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Biblical Studies
The selected Bible stories first focus on our relationship with God and His unconditional love for us as sinners. The focus then shifts to our relationship with others and our world as forgiven children. Strong emphasis is given to the forgiveness we receive through Jesus’ death on the cross. In turn, emphasis is placed on showing forgiveness to those around us in our daily actions.

Language Arts
The goal of Kindergarten Language Arts is to nurture a love of language. Students are surrounded with literature as the starting point for thorough phonetic instruction. This includes letter names and sounds, rhyming, and basic elements of print. Children hear classic and contemporary stories and songs. They are given early reading and writing experiences as well as handwriting instruction. Many of our students are reading by the end of the year.

Experiences manipulating objects form the basis of mathematical instruction. Children estimate, count, measure, compare, problem solve and record their learning. In the process, they enjoy and gain confidence with numbers, shapes, patterns, graphs, processes and money.

Opportunities to develop inquiry skills are imbedded throughout Kindergarten science. Every lesson begins with a hands-on experience. These activities form the foundation for concept development in physical, earth, and life science. Direct instruction provides guided inquiry. Children practice and  review each concept. The goal is to develop the child’s sense of wonder and eagerness to explore God’s creation.

Social Studies
Children receive basic introduction to culture, geography, government, citizenship, economics, and history. These are experienced through units entitled “Friends and Family”, “Where We Live”, “Working Together”, “I am a Citizen”, “People Work”, and “Things Change”.

Children are exposed to music in all areas of study. They are given music instruction by a specialized teacher. Kindergarteners are encouraged to experiment with a variety of movement activities in relation to music.

Kindergarten students receive art instruction with a specialist. In addition, children explore the creative process daily in the Art Center. The emphasis is in the process and not the product.

Physical Education
Students will be given opportunity to develop gross motor skills such as swinging, climbing, throwing, and catching by participation in movement activities, recess, and coordination development activities.

Foreign Language
Students are given Spanish instruction with a specialized teacher.  Basic words are introduced (i.e. numbers and colors) as well as some Spanish and Mexican culture.

Kindergarten Highlights
Kindergarten is filled with hands-on learning experiences. We visit the farm, attend plays, and participate in school programs.