Third Curriculum

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Biblical Studies
Students learn key concepts of faith, such as law, Gospel, confession, repentance, forgiveness, and grace. The lessons are based on selected Bible stories that span Biblical history from Creation through Pentecost. The students learn to use their Bibles and memorize key verses that support concepts and lessons.

Language Arts
The program is designed to strengthen communication skills. Students need to develop fluency in reading, writing, spelling, speaking and listening. A variety of literature is experienced, as well as opportunities to develop different writing styles.

Students will gain a strong foundation in basic skills, along with skills necessary to perform higher-level problem solving. A solid sense of numbers is developed through the use of manipulatives and a variety of activities. Addition and subtraction facts are practiced to reach proficiency and multiplication and division facts are introduced. Other skills include time, money, and measurement.

The Science program includes introduction to the classification of animals and the study of how living things interact. Students also study minerals, rocks, and the forces that shape the land. Students learn about the water cycle and the earth’s place in the solar system. Third graders investigate matter and energy including electricity, magnets, heat, light, and sound. Finally, they explore the forces of motion, work and simple machines.

Social Studies
Students develop geographic knowledge including a spatial sense of the world, and understanding between humans and their environment, cultures, and the meaning of community.

Students will grow in their ability to identify notes and use musical terms. They will write and play back simple rhythm patterns. Harmony is introduced through round singing and listening activities. They experience reading and singing a variety of songs, creative movement, playing rhythm instruments, and simple dances and games. The instruments of the orchestra are  introduced.

Students are exposed to great works of art with follow-up discussion and teaching. Students are encouraged to use these elements in their own works of art.

Physical Education
Students are introduced to more complex patterns of movement and skill application. Students will develop manipulative skills that lead to better coordination. Game and sport fundamentals will be stressed at this level.

Foreign Language
Students learn Spanish as their main experience with a foreign language. Cultural aspects of the Spanish and Mexican heritage are taught as well.

Study Skills
Students learn to be more responsible for their assigned homework. They also are developing the ability to pace themselves for longer projects. More emphasis is placed on reading to gather information and using the information to summarize what has been learned.